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PowerPlatform for Azure Specialists

Product-minded engineering

Tomasz Hamerla

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When covid struck in 2020 I decided to explore Power Apps, already having years of experience with Azure. This article summarizes the journey, sharing the experience and gotchas I came across - hoping you will find it useful!


Initially, I just wanted to try out something new and expand the skillset. A As I was progressing, I saw other benefits as well:

  • carefree experimentation without surprise bills: for learning there are no credits, just a trial that’s expanded every few months
  • becoming more product oriented: As Gregrly Orosz states it in his article on Product-minded engieer “They often challenge existing specifications, suggesting alternative product approaches, that might work better.” - and playing with PowerApps helps you see problems from other perspectives
  • finally more recently: Microsoft has been adding more AI capabilities to Power Apps like here

Developer acccount

To start playing with the Power Platform, I needed to set up a development account. Luckily, I came across a guide by Joe Camp, Dona Sarkar and Gomolemo Mohapi that you can use too in order to set up the trial: here


Here’s a quick tour:

  • PowerBI: a visualization tool - creating different graphs from data
  • Power Automate (incl. Power Automate for Desktop, AI Builder): like a cousine of Azure Logic Apps
  • Power Apps: no-code app development (using drag & drop)
  • Power Virtual Agents (with Copilot): chatbot products

How to start exploring those and other products? Go to

Power Automate vs Logic Apps

When I was starting with Power Apps, I initially struggled with getting started. However, Power Automate turned out to be a great spot, because there’s an Azure counterpart of the offering (Logic Apps) and it’s easier to spot the difference between oferrings.

Try creating a pipeline in Logic Apps, replicate it in Power Apps - or start in Power Apps right away! For example, by implementing RSS parser

Excellent community content to go through: here

Low-code programming language: Power Fx

Power Fx is a language used in Power Apps. Worth to explore how low-code programming languages operate: docs


Keith Atherton covered Power Platform exams: link

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