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How to ace Azure az305 exam

Preparing for the architecting exam

Tomasz Hamerla

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At the end of 2022 I decided to try taking another Microsoft certification. I finished the Ignite Cloud Skills Challange, received the free voucher and started wondering what exam should I use this voucher for. Go the AI route?

Then, I spotted that Simon Lee was preparing for az305 and I came up with an idea: how about pairing up for az305 and making the learning public? Simon agreed, I scheduled a Twitter space and we went with promoting it. It gained popularity in the Azure community, people joined the chat - including Femila from Microsoft responsible for Microsoft learn. I decided to summarize conclusions & resources in this article.


Before starting the preparation, it’s important to understand how the preparation should be approached. Az305 is an architecting exam, focused on cases studies - not implementation details. So, how the studying should be approached?

  1. The purpose/feature/usage of services/products
  2. Important limitations
  3. Pricing SKUs - NOT details like app service plan S1 vs S2, but general tiers like free vs paid

Here’s how the case study format looks like

Essential resources


For more learning:

To focus more on data:


Want to provide feedback about Microsoft Learn modules? Reach out to Femila from Microsoft (Twitter/LinkedIn)


Do you want to join the az305 study group and learn together? Let’s connect!

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